samedi 25 juin 2016

Is it really summer?


When you live in Switzerland, you never know what to except in the Summer, we had extreme hot and sunny weather those last years, but this times are really wet and the temperature are jumping up and down, so here is the kind of outfit that will match a rainy or a sunny weather.

Wearing a 1960's Phil Claire Globus Dress / Zara Shoes / Maje Perfecto / 1960's Fedora Hat

jeudi 23 juin 2016

Key Pieces Serie #1 - La petite robe noire


Today I want to introduce a new Serie: I will write a little bit about what I consider being my Key Pieces, the one that build the base of my wardrobe, I hope to inspire you and would love to hear what are your key pieces!

No it is not a myth, we hear talking about it since forever and it is for a good reason. The little black dress is and always be a necessity to my wardrobe. However, I did struggle a lot to find the perfect one. I had to figure out the right cut and material for my height and body shape!
But here is the kind of dress I'll rock in any kind of situation. The fabric is super light and floaty, it is the perfect under the knee length, super comfortable and easy to accessories. Plus...the cute under-bust line floral detail is to die for!

This is the second D&G little black dress I have in the shop, I almost cried when the first one sell, and I'm sure I'll get a heavy heart when this one will go away.

90's D&G dress / 70's Panama Hat / Unisa Sandals

vendredi 17 juillet 2015

The little black skirt

I don't from where it comes from, but i always had a fascination for leather skirt. You should my face when I found one for me or the shop, it is really exciting.

Skirt ->HERE

mardi 14 juillet 2015

Bridal Shop

The bridal shop, new section of my shop, has freshly opened. I'm looking forward (and I'm really exciting!!) to collect a lot more piece, for your Big Day!

 I found this dress a few week ago, and instantly fall in love with it. After a few soak, she's is finally ready to found a new house, but look at those crazy and un-typical details. The hand work on those flower is fantastic, this mandarin collar is divine, and the hourglass shape really flattering!